Too often professional truck drivers make three critical mistakes keeping them from taking the necessary actions to improve their life and trucking career. What are they?


1. Lack of confidence in your driving ability - If you are not confident in your driving ability and skill why would any one else be? If you don't recognize and understand your value you can't expect any one else to either.

2. Fear of loss or change - Fear of losing what you have or fear of the unknown paralyzes you from taking wise, decisive actions to improve your life and career. Many psychologists believe the psychological impact of losing is twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining. Don't let fear and doubt rob you of experiencing much brighter days ahead.

3. Skepticism - Caution and careful consideration is smart, but outright skepticism can lead to big missed opportunities. You owe it to yourself to always be willing to learn and grow especially in your trucking career. The most successful people in life keep an open mind and are always eager to learn new things.

Every day you spend working with a company who doesn't value your skill and your time is one too many. Isn't it time to choose a better path for yourself?

CalArk will provide you a positive and supportive environment helping you grow your income and sense of career satisfaction.

Get the FACTS!

If you desire to improve your truck driving career, learn the truth about what Calark can do for you.

  • Strong Earnings - An aggressive pay and bonus plan keeps your earnings strong. Recently announced a 3 cents/mile INCREASE across the board, plus a 2 cents/mile INCREASE on mileage pay incentive program paid every month. Also, we reward you with 50 bucks every time you get a clean inspection. These are just a few of the ways we compensate you for a job well done.
  • Consistent Pay - A rock solid, steady customer base keeps your earnings consistent.
  • More Comfort and Reliability - Top of the line, late model equipment keeps you comfortable and on the road making more money.
  • Responsive Support Team - An experienced and caring support staff keeps you enjoying industry leading support and reducing your frustration. Get your questions answered quickly and issues resolved in a more timely way.
  • Latest Technology - Your time is valuable, so maximize it. The latest technology keeps you getting paid faster, on schedule, out of the shop quicker, and maximizing your earning potential.

Don't wait to make a decision that could change the course of your driving career. If you live in these areas then take decisive action now.

CalArk Hiring Map

Pre-apply now if: At least 22 years old with a valid CDL-A, at least one year OTR experience and a good record (MVR).